Types of Fishing Rods

Finding the right fishing rod is an essential part of setting up your fishing supplies, especially if you intend to take fishing seriously. Fishing rods come in different types, each suitable for different situations.

If you are looking for a fishing rod to cater to your needs, you’ll find the different types described below. At the end of the article, you will have an idea of the type of rod that works best for you to make the most out of your fishing expeditions.

Key Takeaways

Fishing rods come in various types, with the common ones being spin, telescoping, casting, fly, surf, ice-fishing, ultra-light, and trolling fishing rods.

Each fishing rod type suits a specific fishing situation to match the needs at hand.

Types of Fishing Rods

Fishing rods vary in material, size, and type of fishing. Below is a detailed description of the various types of fishing rods. Each of these types suits specific fishing situations; therefore, one type will function better in one situation than the other [1].

Spin Fishing Rods

This is one of the most common among fishing rods. The spun fishing rods come with additional features and pros to the usual casting rods. One of these is they allow anglers to hold with the dominant hand for better control and power.

With these rods, the reel lies on the bottom end during function. These rods are relatively easy to use and suit beginners and seasoned anglers alike. They work well in rivers and lakes and are available in different sizes to suit every fishing situation.

Telescoping Fishing Rods

Telescoping fishing rods are designed to be more compact and portable. They are usually lightweight for easy carrying to the fishing area, therefore, suitable for travel fishing. Additionally, the lightweight nature ensures comfort when fishing for long periods [2].

These rods are popular among campers and backpackers, thanks to their size, lightweight nature, and ease of use. The main design feature that contributes to their functionality is the adjustable length. You can expand the length or retract according to your needs.

Casting Fishing Rods

These are also known as spin casting fishing rods. They are the best for beginners, thanks to their ease of use and overall simplicity. The rod comes with a push-catch system that comes in handy to discharge the line.

They feature a thumb-like button that you press down and release to discharge the line. The main outstanding feature is the enclosed reel is located on top of the rod. The reel works swiftly, making these rods some of the easiest to use for all experience levels.

Ultra-Light Fishing Rods

As the name suggests, ultra-light fishing rods are super lightweight and thin. They not only work great for camping trips but also come in handy for more delicate situations. They work well for fishing smaller fish species and can present as spin rods, fly rods, or casting rods.

Fly Fishing Rods

These are specifically designed for fly fishing and come in different sizes and lengths. This makes them ideal for various fishing situations whereby you can catch both large and small species.

The rod is specifically designed to deliver fly lines with delicate presentations to fish. They are much longer than spin rods, with most measuring 9 feet. These rods are specifically suited for fly reels [3].

Surf Fishing Rods

Surf fishing rods work well for sea fishing. They come with a sturdy butt and feature additional length to suit various fishing situations. The extra length allows for lobbying heavy-weight bait rigs to the targeted area.

These do not work for everyone, especially beginners but are excellent for casting at the beach, from a surf or a pier. They are pretty functional; however, they are rods you’d want to take to smaller water bodies. The rods are available in casting and spinning styles.

Ice Fishing Rods

These rods come in a similar design as spin rods but shorter. The design allows anglers to reel from the ice fishing hole with ease. On that note, they are only suitable for ice fishing. As short as they are, they can be handy for getting hold of large fish under the ice.

Trolling Rods

This type of fishing rod is designed for use with moving boats. Trolling is the act of moving your lure through the water following the movement of the boat. These rods are stiffer and only work with large reels that cater to lots of lines.

On this note, they are not suitable for different fishing situations other than trolling. That said, they aren’t as versatile, even though they serve their purpose pretty well.

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Types of Fishing Rods According to Material

Fishing rods come in different materials, with each impacting the functionality of the fishing rod you choose. The main types as far as materials go are fiberglass, graphite, and bamboo.

Fiberglass Rods

These are best suited for beginners and are pretty flexible and easy to use. On top of this, they are the least expensive; therefore suitable if you are starting. They have a heavier weight and work well for larger fish; however, they can cause the fish to break off.

Due to their flexibility, fiberglass rods have a slow or medium action and tend to flex from top and bottom. This affects the functionality, but once you get used to manipulating them, they work pretty well.

Graphite Rods

These rods are designed for smooth and consistent action, working well for anglers looking for more finesse fishing. They provide fast action and flex at the top and none at the bottom. They are more expensive than fiberglass rods, but their functionality is worth the investment.

Bamboo Rods

Bamboo rods are designed for smooth casting and fighting of fish. These rods are popular among anglers that still uphold traditional fishing techniques. They are therefore not suitable for beginners learning the art of fishing.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right type of fishing rod is crucial to ensuring a seamless fishing experience. With the wide variety of fishing rods on the market, you have a selection to match your needs and get you the most out of your fishing experience.

The fishing rod types above are helpful and functional, but each is ideal for a specific situation. With consideration of what you are hoping to achieve, you can settle on a particular type and fish away.

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