Drop Shot Rig: How to Tie It

Tying a Drop shot rig

The drop shot rig has become one of the most preferred rig options for bass fishing. This is because drop shot rigs are suitable for use in both deep and shallow waters with incredible results in both. If you are considering drop shot rigs, you may have a few questions on how to use them, … Read more

Can You Fish In The Rain

So, you’ve recently taken up fishing (a rewarding hobby!), or you’re planning on making a career out of it, and you’re wondering if you can fish in all weather conditions, including rain. It’s a good question, though it doesn’t have a very simple answer. You can certainly fish in the rain, but it depends on … Read more

How To Polish A Boat

Plenty of people choose not to keep their boats looking clean, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. It’s not like your boat will float any worse if it gets dirty, after all. But making your boat look nice and clean for its own sake isn’t inherently wrong either. And if you ever plan on … Read more

How To Set Up A Spinning Reel

If a good chunk of your time during fishing is being taken up by the necessity to set up your reel and rod, it’s totally understandable if you’re looking for easier, quicker ways to do so. After all, fishing is supposed to be a relaxing activity! Also, if you’re not very good at it, your … Read more

How To Find A Fishing Spot

Finding the right fishing spot can make all the difference between a successful fishing trip and a complete flop. You can’t just drop your bait anywhere and hope for the best; to stand any chance of catching a fish, you have to be in the right place at the right time. Maybe you’re a novice … Read more

Fly Fishing VS Spin Fishing

Ah, fly fishing vs. spin fishing. Which is more popular? Which is more fun? Is one better than the other? Does one net you more catches than the other? Dare we suggest that one is easier? We don’t need to overcomplicate the matter with such questions. Both styles of fishing are great in their own … Read more

How To Use A Baitcaster Reel

So, you want to learn how to use a baitcaster reel? You’re in the right place. Here, we will talk about the fundamentals of using a baitcasting rod, how you can practice, and things to watch out for as you get started. Baitcaster Reel: Three Fundamental Steps When you cast with a baitcaster, you do … Read more

Casting Rod VS Spinning Rod

Sometimes, trying to pick the right rod is such a struggle. Tens of questions pop into your head, and it’s hard to choose which one you really want. Sure, it determines the success of your fishing trip, but which one is the easiest for you? And what about the price? That’s what this article is … Read more

How To Remove Oxidation From Fiberglass Boat

Keeping a well-maintained gel-coat is essential to protecting a boat’s fiberglass. It also looks good; what looks more attractive than a stain-free, shiny gel-coat? Keeping a boat well-maintained isn’t quite as difficult as it was in years gone by, but there’s still work that needs to be done. Oxidation is a natural side effect of … Read more

How To Spool A Fishing Rod

Fishing is a peaceful, relaxing hobby. It’s just you, the water, and perhaps one or two calm companions. What could help the stress of our busy lives melt away faster? At least, it’s supposed to be relaxing. The promised tranquility can quickly change to annoyance and frustration over problems like poorly spooled fishing rods, twisted … Read more