How to Read A Fish Finder (Including Garmin)


Beginners in kayak and boat fishing seek to understand how to read a fish finder, an essential tool for a fruitful fishing experience. Fish finders come in various designs, sizes, and configurations; therefore can be intimidating for complete beginners. They all operate in a similar style, and their results are relatively the same. Reading a … Read more

Types of Fishing Rods

Types of Fishing Rods

Finding the right fishing rod is an essential part of setting up your fishing supplies, especially if you intend to take fishing seriously. Fishing rods come in different types, each suitable for different situations. If you are looking for a fishing rod to cater to your needs, you’ll find the different types described below. At … Read more

When Do Bass Spawn

Bass sprawn

Keeping tabs on when bass spawn is a crucial consideration of bass fishing. Understanding when bass spawn can help you track their patterns for months. With that, you can prep earlier and get the most out of the spawning season. The spawning season varies from one state to another, considering the differences in weather, waters, … Read more

How to Put a Worm on a Hook

Worm on a hook

How you put a worm on your hook directly affects how successful your casts get. You want to ensure the worm is secure and does not wiggle with every attempt to cast. Again, it is a critical step when setting up for fishing, and how you do it is significant. If you are a beginner … Read more

How to Oil a Fishing Reel

Oiling a fishing reel

Fishing reels need regular maintenance for optimal functionality. This includes cleaning and oiling moving parts to protect them from the elements while ensuring smooth operation. If you just got your first fishing reel, one of the questions you may have is how to oil one. First, it is essential to understand how a fishing reel … Read more

How to Clean a Spinning Reel

Cleaning a spinning reel

Here’s our overview on how to clean a spinning reel. With regular maintenance, your spinning reel can serve you for decades on end. But, if you slack on cleaning, the functionality of your spinning reel will start to deteriorate, sorting you more in the long run. If you are a beginner in fishing and just … Read more

How to Clean a Fishing Reel

Cleaning a fishing reel

Your fishing reel can go unnoticed, yet it is one of the essential fishing items. You may overlook how regularly your fishing reel needs to be cleaned, which may cost you more in the long run. On one hand, it could be a typical case of assuming your fishing reel does not need regular cleaning. … Read more

How to Cast a Fishing Rod

Fishing rod

Fishing is one exciting activity, but the preparation that goes behind it is intense. From collecting the right tackle to adopting intricate techniques, fishing can be overwhelming at the beginning. But, with the knowledge of how to cast a fishing rod, you have the job half-done. Proper casting is the key to catching fish since … Read more

How Does a Fish Finder Work?

Fish finder on a boat

Setting out to a fishing expedition requires putting together your fishing tackle properly for a fruitful catch. But, that is not the only thing you need to plan for, considering finding fish on its own is an expedition. This is where fish finders come in. But, you have to understand how they work to utilize … Read more

Fly Fishing With a Spinning Rod

Fly fishing

Did you know you can fish with flies using your usual spinning rod? Fly fishing using a spinning rod is practical and effective; however, you need to understand how it works. The good thing is that this does not need a lot of investment; therefore, it is economical. Basically, fly fishing requires you to present … Read more