Fish Finder Installation: How to Guide

Fish finder on a boat

Finding the right fish finder is a task and installing it on your boat is another. If you already have one on hand and looking forward to setting out for a fishing expedition, installing it right will impact its performance and how you use it. Most fish finders on the market come with a user-friendly … Read more

6 Types of Fishing Lures

Fish lure

Fishing lures are some of the most effective tools to catch fish. As the name suggests, they are artificial bait that anglers use to lure fish. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate one. Of course, what works for one type of fish will not … Read more

How to Cast Farther When Fishing

Casting a rod

Casting distance is an essential aspect of fishing. It determines how much water you can cover and the chances of catching fish. Therefore, all anglers need to learn how to cast farther to increase their odds of hooking fish. Numerous factors affect casting distance. They include how you spool the reel, the length of your … Read more

How to Get Fish Smell Off Hands


A fruitful catch after a fishing expedition is top of your priorities when you set out to the waters. But that comes with a funky smell on your hands after handling fish all through, from cleaning your catch and packing them up in the box. There are many ways to get the fish smell off … Read more

Do Trout Bite at Night?

Trout fish

Most anglers end their fishing escapades at sunset, but a few adventurous ones prefer to fish after sunset. While this can be challenging especially when fishing for trout, it can come with immense rewards in a short time. Trout behavior changes as the dark approaches, and you can take advantage of this behavior change to … Read more

How Much Backing on a Fly Reel

Fly Reel

Backing is what extends the length of your fishing line on your fly reel. It is usually attached to the fishing line using unique knots and then spooled first on the fly reel. It provides support to the fishing line, especially when catching big fish [1]. Knowing how much backing to thread on a fly … Read more

Transducer Mounting Height on a Boat

Fishing boat

Mounting your transducer at the ideal height will significantly improve your device’s accuracy and performance. However, finding the right height is more complex than most people think. There are many types of transducers, and they all come with different mounting styles and heights. Each site has its own set of benefits and challenges. This article … Read more

How to Tell If a Transducer Is Bad


A transducer is a crucial component in a fish finder. It allows anglers to see the underwater environment by converting echo sound into images. However, it may develop problems with the display, mounting, or the sensors. As a result, the transducer will display incorrect information or nothing at all. But, before you panic or replace … Read more

What Is a Transducer on a Fish Finder


If you are a fishing enthusiast, a fish finder is a must-have tool for fruitful catches. They detect fish schools helping you maximize on spots that are rich in fish, saving you time and effort when fishing. This is thanks to a transducer, that is an integral part of every fish finder. A transducer receives … Read more

Fish Finder vs Depth Finder

Fish Finder and Depth Finder

Depth finders and fish finders are similar in many ways, but there are few features and functionalities that make them so different. Fish finders use sonar technology to reveal underwater structures and fish schools in a high-resolution graphic display. While, depth finders, as the name implies, are used to determine water depth and display it … Read more