Can You Fish In The Rain

So, you’ve recently taken up fishing (a rewarding hobby!), or you’re planning on making a career out of it, and you’re wondering if you can fish in all weather conditions, including rain. It’s a good question, though it doesn’t have a very simple answer.

You can certainly fish in the rain, but it depends on a number of factors, the foremost of which is how much you’re willing to take a risk. Safety is a big concern whenever it comes to fishing in less-than-perfect conditions, but it’s especially risky before a storm for obvious reasons.

So you can go ahead and fish in rainy weather, but you best stay equipped with the required tools and knowledge to prioritize your personal safety before you do so. We think that if you keep the following tips in mind, you’ll be okay.

Take Safety Precautions

Before we get into any tips on how to actually catch fish in the rain, let’s first talk about the safety precautions you should be taking to prepare for your expedition. This may seem rather obvious, but please don’t venture out if your local weather forecast predicts lightning during the day.

It’s not worth the risk, no matter how tempting your potential catch may be.

Also, if the conditions at sea are too perilous even for surfers, then you should know it’s not the ideal time to go fishing. Go out fishing only if there’s a steady, light drizzle out, and don’t forget to check information on water temperature and movement.

However, bear in mind that even if you do take all of the aforementioned precautions, you could still find yourself in a storm, so it would be wise to have a safe shelter just in case.

Can You Fish In The Rain

Choose The Right Time

The best time to fish in rainy weather is just before a storm begins. Now, beware that this is very risky and shouldn’t be attempted by those just wading into the world of fishing.

So why should you fish just before a storm? Well, this is when the barometric pressure is very low, and the fish go berserk trying to feed. This is at its peak only a little before a storm and will steadily decrease as the storm approaches.

Choose The Right Place

Right after a storm passes, strong winds blow shellfish and other small fish that work as bait, and they get washed up against the shoreline. Larger fish take advantage of this and approach to feed on them. So, the shoreline would be the perfect place to fish right after the storm has run its course.

If you’re quick, you may just snap up the biggest haul you’ve ever had. As this is a less risky condition to fish in as compared to fishing before a storm, it is an ideal learning experience for beginners.

However, beginner or expert, you’ll have to be patient enough to scout a good portion of the shoreline to find a good catch.

Attract Attention

How do you attract the attention of fish? It’s pretty simple: use brightly-colored baits and noisy tackles. But why would you need to make an extra effort to attract fish in the first place?

As you may have observed in small bodies of water, rainfall tends to make the water murky. This naturally reduces visibility, and the fish will need to be lured in using baits; they can detect better in these conditions.

You can also use other fishing tools such as popping corks, which will increase the chances of fish around you finding the bait.

Beware Of Tides

Can You Fish In The Rain

The tides are always unusually high in stormy weather conditions. This is extremely dangerous to sail through unless you’re a seasoned fisher, and even then, it’s quite risky.

The high tides also cause a significant amount of rainwater to accumulate closer to and on the shore. You’ll be sure to find a good number of fish wherever there’s good water movement, like places near drains and spillways [1].

These areas tend to attract lots of bait, and you’ll most likely have a good haul here.

Wear The Right Gear

The right gear can make all the difference between a successful fishing trip and a big sloppy failure when it comes to fishing in the rain. This tip has more to do with your personal comfort and how much it’ll motivate you to go in for a big catch than for safety reasons.

Proper fishing gear will ensure you stay warm and don’t end up falling sick after you’re done fishing. After all, the potential flu is hardly motivation to go fishing again the next time it rains, is it?

Here’s an article I wrote about the best boat accessories which you may find interesting.

Switch Up Techniques

It may be a good idea to switch it up and attempt new techniques while fishing in rainy weather. These don’t really need to be complicated, just effective. For instance, you can switch up the speed with which you retrieve your bait.

Ideally, you would have to do this quicker than usual in stormy weather. Be sure to observe how the fish respond to your speed and keep changing it accordingly.

Also, contrary to what you may usually do, try placing your bait in topwater as a lot of fish may have swum up here to feed. If you don’t find anything satisfactory in topwater, you could even try and lower your bait a few feet further.

However, make sure you don’t get too low as most fish don’t crowd there in wet weather conditions.


If you’ve scanned through the tips mentioned above, you may now have a pretty basic, if not adequate, measure of how much you’ll have to prepare before you go out fishing in rainy weather.

If you’ve read between the lines, you’ll know that fishing in the rain can be a treasure hunt of sorts, and you can make it worthwhile if you put in enough effort.

You may have to keep practicing in light rain to hone your skills and take maximum advantage of the weather every time it rains. We’d also advise you to be on guard and alert in the water even if it may seem like a harmless drizzle as this can turn lethal if you’re not careful.

However, all things considered, you should have a great fishing experience if you keep our tips in mind.

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