The 5 Best Lowrance Fish Finders

Whether you are a novice angler or an advanced fisherman, relying on a fish finder is inevitable. Fish finders are designed to help you find fish schools as you keep track of your location, ultimately making your fishing experience worthwhile.

Lowrance has been on the market for a while, showcasing some of the best fish finders. They are equipped with useful features, matching up to advanced technologies in the fish finder world.

If you are looking for a Lowrance fish finder and struggling to narrow down to quality, functional ones, this article is for you. It features various options to match individual needs.

Top Lowrance Fish Finders

1. Best Overall | Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Fish Finder

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7x SplitShot - 7-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer, GPS Plotter

This model is a great choice if you are looking for a high-quality fish finder at a fair price point and with all the essential features for performance. The best part is that it suits various fishing conditions meeting various needs.

Key Features

  • CHIRP sonar
  • GPS plotter
  • Splishot transducer
  • Autotuning sonar
  • 7-inch display

This Hook Revela 7 makes it easier to find fish, thanks to the CHIRP sonar and the Down Scan imaging. These two features work together to display fish on the screen of the fish finder, helping you figure out the most appropriate spots to fish.

The fish finder features a 7-inch sunlight-readable screen that is big enough to display crisp and clear views of the underwater environment. The fish finder comes with GPS to keep track of your location, mark your routes, and navigate easily as you fish.

The autotuning sonar helps you save time you would otherwise spend looking for fish. The settings are easy to adjust and automatically change as the fishing conditions change. You spend less time reworking the fish finder maximizing on your fishing expedition.


  • Easy to set up and run
  • Large, bright display
  • Quick installation on a boat
  • Clear and crisp images
  • Great value for money


  • It does not come with preloaded maps.

2. Best For The Price | Lowrance Elite FS 9 Fish Finder

Lowrance Elite FS 9 Fish Finder with Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer, Preloaded C-MAP Contour+ Charts

If you are going to invest in a high-quality fish finder, you ought to be sure it matches the money you pay for it. This model is one of the premium models, but it is worth every coin. It comes with useful features for both novice and advanced anglers.

Key Features

  • Active Imaging 3-in-1 sonar
  • High-resolution images
  • Full-networking model
  • 9-inch multi-touch screen
  • C-MAP contour
  • Sturdy construction
  • Integrated wireless connectivity

The most outstanding feature of this fish finder is the active imagine 3-in-1 sonar. This allows you to see the structure and cover with defined detail from the combination of CHIRP, SideScan, and DownScan.

With this model, you can watch high-resolution images of fish movements, which can help you track the direction they swim in. Thankfully, the fish finder comes fitted with a 9-inch display which is large enough to display the underwater environment.

More to this, the display comes in a multi-touch design featuring a flat glass screen and an anti-reflective coating. These ensure great visibility regardless of the light conditions. That way, you can get clear and crisp images in bright sunlight without glares.


  • Excellent side and down imaging
  • Bright display
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting materials


  • Shaky readings at high speeds.

3. Best Premium Quality | Lowrance HDS-Live Fish Finder

HDS-7 LIVE - 7-inch Fish Finder with Active Imaging 3 In 1 Transducer with Smartphone Integration, Live Sonar Compatible, Preloaded C-MAP US Enhanced Mapping

If you are considering upgrading to a Lowrance premium-quality fish finder, this model should be on top of your list. It has advanced features that basic fish finders do not have, making it an ideal choice if you intend to fish in various conditions.

Key Features

  • CHIRP sonar
  • Dual-core processor
  • Dynamic color sonar
  • Automatic route planning
  • Active imaging 3-in-1
  • 7-inch crisp display

This fish finder utilizes the most advanced fish finder technology on the market. You can simultaneously view CHIRP sonar with StructureScan for the best possible view of the structure. More to this, you can choose from StructureScan 3D or StructureScan HD.

It utilizes a dual-core processor with adequate speed and power to deliver fast redraws and quick response times. The sonar comes with a dynamic color range that results in high-visibility contrast that most fish finders do not have.

The wide range of colors enhances the image clarity giving you the best possible views of the underwater environment. Thanks to the dual-channel CHIRP sonar, you can view two channels at the same time.

Lastly, make use of this fish finder to navigate faster, thanks to the automatic route planning. It auto-plots the shortest and safest routes based on your boat, creating a route for you.


  • High-quality construction
  • Useful 3-in-1 transducer
  • Easy to install and run
  • Quality imaging
  • Easy-to-read screen


  • The preloaded maps are not clear.

4. Best Budget Buy | Lowrance Hook Reval 5 Fish Finder

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 5x SplitShot - 5-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer, GPS Plotter

If you are just starting and need to test the water for a quality fish finder, this budget-buy model is a great place to start. It is basic, but the features it comes with are all you need to set out and have an amazing fishing experience.

Key Features

  • CHIRP sonar
  • Comes with GPS
  • Splitshot transducer
  • Autotuning sonar
  • 5-inch bright display

This model is a great choice if you are looking for a fish finder that is quick and seamless to find fish. It combines the target separation of the CHIRP sonar and the high-resolution images of structure from DownScan.

The best part is the model comes with GPS helping you navigate to your favorite fishing spot. It makes route, trail, and waypoint navigation easy, so you can worry about catching fish and not finding your way.

Thanks to the wide-angle sonar, it gives a clear view below the boat. And, with the autotuning feature, you spend more time fishing and less time reworking the settings. As the fishing conditions change, the sonar automatically adjusts for the best image.

The display is small, but it delivers clear and crisp images, regardless of the conditions. You can easily read the information on the screen on a bright sunny afternoon without suffering from the glare resulting from reflection.


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality materials
  • Excellent down scan and side scan
  • Quickly finds fish
  • High-performance sonar


  • It does not come with maps.

5. Best Space-Saving | Lowrance Hook 2 4X- 4-Inch Fish Finder

Lowrance HOOK2 4X - 4" Fishfinder with Bullet Transducer and GPS Plotter

A portable fish finder is a great option if you want the handheld operation. This Lowrance model is compact and lightweight, so you can carry it around, install it on your boat and uninstall it if necessary.

Key Features

  • 4-inch high-resolution screen
  • Broadband sounder
  • CHIRP sonar
  • SideScan and DownScan
  • Autotuning Scan
  • It comes with a Bullet Transducer

The model is designed for boats and kayaks with limited console space. The compact size of the fish finder allows you to use one without worrying about how much space it takes on your kayak.

With this one, you will spend more time fishing and less time tuning settings. It gives you a balanced mix of simplicity and power with easy-to-use menus and a wide-angle CHIRP sonar.

The autotuning sonar makes fishing simple; it gives you the clearest image by automatically adjusting to the conditions. The sonar tunes to capture every movement as the fish moves, quickly translating this onto the screen.

Using a fish finder as a beginner can be challenging, but this solves that. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that has quick access to key functions. This makes it easy for you to find all the settings you need instantly, saving you valuable time when fishing.


  • Easy to install on the boat
  • Variable depth functions
  • Useful GPS functions
  • Ideal for small boats


  • The display is too small.

The Bottom Line

Lowrance has created a name in the fish finder world, which comes from their quality fish finders. If you have been thinking of getting one, the reviews above can help you settle on an appropriate model for your needs.

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