5 Best Ice Fishing Fish Finders

Ice fishing is one of the most enjoyable winter recreational activities. However, it can be quite frustrating, especially when you have no idea where to target. You need te right set of gear to make the experience worthwhile, one of these being an ice fishing fish finder.

An ice fish finder will save you time and energy by accurately locating fish and allowing you to target high-yield areas. It will show you where you need to dig holes and cast your fishing hook. With this device, you can catch all kinds of fish, including bass, trout, walleye, perch, etc.

If you are looking to indulge in ice fishing, here are some of the best ice fishing fish finders. These options are functional and reliable for pro anglers and amateurs alike.

Top Ice Fishing Fish Finders

1. Best Overall | Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 SplitShot Ice Pack

HDS-7 LIVE - 7-inch Fish Finder with Active Imaging 3 In 1 Transducer with Smartphone Integration, Live Sonar Compatible, Preloaded C-MAP US Enhanced Mapping

The Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 is an exceptional compact ice fish finder packed with powerful features and technology. It is ideal for beginners or pro anglers in the market for a reliable ice fish finder.

Key Features

  • CHIRP and DownScan Sonar
  • SplitShot transducer
  • Inbuilt high-precision GPS
  • Navionics compatible
  • Solar max
  • IPX waterproof

The Hook Reveal 5 has diverse sonar functions, including CHIRP Sonar and Down Scan Imaging. The DSI is great at scanning and finding fish under the ice. It also has excellent depth capabilities making it hard to miss any fish hiding under. The gadget also comes with FishReveal technology that boosts sonar and makes identifying fish and structures easier.

The device also comes with an internal GPS antenna and Basemaps of over 3000 lakes. The maps make it easy to navigate and identify routes and waypoints for a better catch. In addition, the device offers more mapping options since it is compatible with Navionics charts. With these maps, anglers can know precisely where to drill in the ice.

The unit comes with a 5-inch high-resolution display with Solarmax. The screen is backlit for better readability during the winter. It also comes with a split-screen feature and can support upto four applications running simultaneously.


  • Easy to install
  • MicroSD slot
  • Accurate fish detection
  • Colour display


  • No NMEA.

2. Best Premium| Lowrance HDS-Live Fish Finder

HDS-7 LIVE - 7-inch Fish Finder with Active Imaging 3 In 1 Transducer with Smartphone Integration, Live Sonar Compatible, Preloaded C-MAP US Enhanced Mapping

The Lowrance HDS live is equipped with sophisticated features that make you a pro ice fish angler. It is streamlined with a polished design, a faster processor, and high-precision navigation tools for ice fish finding.

Key Features

  • SolarMax touchscreen
  • Active Live sonar
  • CHIRP, SideScan, and DownScan Imaging sonar
  • FishReveal technology
  • Internal GPS
  • WI-FI connect

The Active Live sonar gives the most exact real-time images of fish as they swim below the ice. It works with the CHIRP, SideScan, and DownScan imaging to show you fish hiding areas. The device also has a noise-filtering feature that removes excess clutter to give you crisp images with remarkable target differentiation.

Lowrance has outdone itself when it comes to networking. The HDS live features LiveCast smartphone integration that allows users to connect their phone to the device. You can get phone notifications, access Google maps, and upload fishing data to your phone.

Additionally, this ice fish finder comes with preloaded maps of the inland and coastal waters in the US. It also comes with CMaps and Genesis Live, which allow users to make maps and mark their favorite fishing spots for future reference. They can store these maps on an SD card since the device comes with one MicroSD slot.


  • IPX waterproof
  • MicroSD slot
  • Fast processor
  • Networking features
  • IPX7 waterproof


  • Expensive.

3. Best Budget | Venterior Portable Ice Fish Finder

Venterior Portable Fish Finder Kayak Ice Fishing Gear Handheld Sonar Depth Finder

The Venterior Portable is perfect for anyone looking for a decent ice fish finder on a tight budget. It comes with state-of-the-art features that will give you an edge over the fish.

Key Features

  • Down imaging
  • LCD screen
  • Sonar sensor
  • Fish alarm
  • 4AAA battery

This fish finder has a sensitive sonar sensor with a 328ft water depth. It also has a 25ft cord that you can use to cast the fish finder in various locations for better results. The device can operate at temperatures of -20 to 70 degrees (-4 to 158 Fahrenheit)

The device also features an LCD backlit screen with anti UV. It displays the findings from the sonar as simple icons that are easy to understand. The screen is also readable under direct sunlight and at night.

The unit is small and portable. It comes with a neck strap that you can hang around your neck as you go about your fishing business. It also comes with mounting hardware that you can use to attach to your kayak or boat.


  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • User friendly
  • Power saving mode
  • Quick to set up


  • Not waterproof.

4. Best Durable | Humminbird ICE H5 Helix 5 Chirp G2

Humminbird ICE H5 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 FB Fish Finder 410970-1, ICE H5 CHIRP GPS G2 FB

The Humminbird Helix 5 was built specifically for ice fish finding. It features the most advanced technology that allows you to see where the fish are beneath the ice so you can dig and cast your fishing rod.

Key Features

  • CHIRP sonar
  • Down/Side imaging
  • High definition 5-inch display
  • Interference rejection
  • Basemaps and GPS
  • Keypad user interface

The device comes with a dual-beam CHIRP sonar that covers a range of frequencies for better target separation and image clarity. The images are displayed on a 5-inch LCD backlit screen in crystal clear clarity. Whether you are out on the ice or under bright sunlight, you will be able to see the structure and fish with ease as it is displayed on the screen.

The device also comes with an interference rejection feature which keeps other sonar within the vicinity from interfering with your signal and distorting images. It also comes with sonar zoom, which allows you to zoom into a specific area and collect data.

The device is fitted with a GPS that provides your location with precision. It also has comprehensive maps that make navigating the territory and finding waypoints easier. In addition, this ice finder comes with AutoChart Live. A feature that allows you to create maps and highlight fishing trails and routes.

Lastly, the device comes with a SwitchFire mode and a transducer with a 1500ft depth capability, giving you a large area to work with. It also has a 5-button keypad user interface that is easy to operate, even for beginners.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • High-precision GPS
  • Weatherproof


  • Pricey
  • No networking features.

5. Best Waterproof | Anysun Professional Ice Fishing Camera

Underwater Fishing Camera - Anysun Professional Ice Fishing Camera with 7" TFT Color LCD HD Monitor 700TVL, CCD 15M Cable Length with Carry Case - Fun to See Fish Biting

Underwater camera technology is the future of ice fishing, and Anysum has not been left behind. The company’s professional ice fishing camera allows users to find fish and watch as the fish swim towards their bait.

Key Features

  • Night vision
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 4500 mAH battery
  • 7-inch HD screen
  • Sun visor

The camera has some of the most remarkable features that an ice angler can look for. It is waterproof and weatherproof, meaning that it can withstand freezing temperatures. It can withstand being submerged in ice-cold water for hours without compromising picture quality or sensitivity. The camera is also pressure-resistant and can be immersed in water 50ft deep with no damage.

The device comes with a 49ft cable which is sufficient to move around the ice. Both the cable and the camera are waterproof, so you dont have to worry about water damage. It also comes with night vision that allows you to fish till late.

Finally, the Anysun ice fishing camera has a removable 7inch monitor that displays high-definition images from the camera. It is also fitted with a rechargeable battery. On a full charge, the battery can last upto 12 hours.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Affordable


  • No video recording.

The Bottom Line

Ice fishing is a great hobby and has been for a long time. However, getting a bountiful catch can be tricky, especially if you do not have the best ice fishing fish finder. The ice fish finders described above come with the latest technology and are easy to use. Investing in one will most certainly change your fishing game.

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