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Owning a boat may be your pride and joy, but its maintenance is another matter entirely. It takes constant care, attention, and patience to tend to your boat’s various needs if you’d like to keep it looking sharp for years to come.

Some of these needs may even be quite costly – if you don’t take necessary precautions to prevent damage first.

Among these, a preliminary precaution would be to use a good quality cover suited to your boat. You can’t just venture out and purchase the first boat cover you lay your hands on; this can do more harm than good.

So, in the interest of saving you hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars in costly repair and restoration work, we’ve reviewed a few boat covers for you below.

Later on, we’ve also mentioned a few tips and tricks to help you choose the one best suited to your boat, so do have a look through those too. Happy reading!

Best Product Overall

Angling Waterproof Heavy Duty 600D Boat Cover

Anglink Waterproof Boat Cover, Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Oxford Professional Bass Runabout Boat Cover, Durable and Tear Proof, All Weather Outdoor Protection Fits 17-19 feet V-Hull, Tri-Hull

The new, updated version of Anglink Heavy Duty Boat Cover makes use of marine grade polyester canvas to make it more durable than ever. This kind of polyester also ensures you have maximum water resistance with its strong composition.

You’ll find this cover to be especially useful in terms of how well it can protect your boat from harmful UV rays and the tell-tale signs of aging, such as premature fading of the paint.

We also loved the adjustable straps on this cover (11 pieces in total) and windproof buckles, which ensure your cover doesn’t get blown off even in the strongest winds. It’s also built to withstand up to 2000Pa of water pressure and eliminate the possibility of water seepage.

One of the major concerns boat owners have with boat covers is that the cover’s dye often rubs off on and stains the boat’s surface. With Angling, you won’t have to worry about that either as it has a colorfastness rating of 6 – twice the number of most other boat covers on the market.

Pros of this cover

  • It provides great resistance to rain, dust, UV rays, and wind
  • It has convenient adjustable straps for maximum security
  • It includes a 3-year warranty
  • It’s made of durable materials that last for years together
  • It does a fantastic job of preventing water seepage

Cons of this cover

  • It’s a little on the pricey side
  • It can be a little challenging to use without instructions

Best Budget Product

iCOVER 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover

iCOVER Trailerable Boat Cover- Waterproof Heavy Duty Marine Grade Polyester, Fits V-Hull,Fish&Ski,Pro-Style,Fishing Boat,Runabout,Bass Boat, up to 12ft-14ft Long and 68" Wide

Created using 300D durable canvas fabric, the iCOVER boat cover is built to withstand excessive fading, cracking (from cold), wetting, etc. This cover works well in all seasons, which makes it ideal for constant use throughout the year.

We loved the anti-UV finish and water-resistant PVC coating of this cover and how it helps keep the surface of your boat in pristine condition. We found that the cover’s material is quite durable and doesn’t tear easily, even when stretched to its limit.

It also has a strong, heavy-duty elastic cord sewed cleverly along the entirety of its hemline so that it fits your boat perfectly, leaving no room for wind to blow it away. The adjustable strap and buckle, too, make using it a completely hassle-free process – perfect for new boat owners.

You can use this cover for mooring, trailering, or simply storing your boat outdoors.

iCOVER provides you with a 12-month warranty and 100% money back if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Pros of this cover

  • It provides a tight fit for your boat
  • It’s quite reasonably-priced
  • It stems water seepage effectively
  • It works well in all types of weather
  • It’s easy to use

Cons of this cover

  • It doesn’t last as long as its costlier competitors
  • The straps aren’t as strong as they should be

Budge B-300-X6 Denier V-Hull Runabout Boat Cover

Budge B-300-X6 300 Denier V-Hull Runabout Boat Cover Gray 20'-22' Long (Beam Width Up to 106") Lightweight, Waterproof, UV Resistant

This cover is waterproof and UV resistant since it’s made from 300 denier polyester. This is an unusually light material and doesn’t get weighed down by rain or humidity easily. What’s great about this is that it stems from the growth and spread of rust and mold effectively.

Like all good quality boat covers, this cover works well in all kinds of weather, especially snow. What more could you want from a good boat cover? It may be costly, but we believe it certainly delivers a bang for your buck.

We also like how this cover comes across as a custom-made fit that covers your boat as snugly as it can. The adjustable straps on this cover, too, are strong and ensure a close fit.

These straps are some of the best in the market and keep your boat safe even in the windiest conditions.

Pros of this cover

  • It provides a great fit
  • It works especially well in snowy weather
  • It has really strong straps
  • The fabric is lightweight and doesn’t retain moisture
  • It prevents the growth of mildew

Cons of this cover

  • It’s slightly on the costlier side
  • Even though the straps are strong, the clips on them aren’t

NEXCOVER Waterproof Heavy Duty Boat Cover

NEXCOVER Boat Cover, Waterproof Heavy Duty Boat Covers Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover Fit V-Hull, TRI-Hull, Pro-Style, Fishing Boat, Runabout, Bass Boat, Storage Bag and Tightening Straps Included

The NEXCOVER Heavy Duty Boat Cover is made of impressive 600D polyester, which has a double PU coating. This cover is well-suited to a V-hull fishing boat, V-hull runabout, or a bass boat.

It’s completely waterproof and can easily withstand up to 2000Pa of water pressure, making it a very useful cover to have in rainy/stormy weather. Also, since the material is thick, it resists UV rays surprisingly well and doesn’t tear easily. Trust us: it would take great physical pressure to tear this cover.

It has a high level of colorfastness too, which means it won’t stain the surface of your boat. One of the more impressive features of this cover (which we didn’t find in most other covers) is that it can withstand sandstorms too!

It has secure tightening straps with easy-to-use integrated buckles that provide your boat with great protection against strong winds. Also, their customer service is known to be great, as they’re generally prompt in their responses.

Pros of this cover

  • It works well on keeping water out
  • It’s impressively tear-resistant
  • It can last good as new for years together
  • It’s reasonably priced for the many great features it offers
  • The straps work very well and are easy to use

Cons of this cover

  • It’s a little tight for larger boats
  • It doesn’t have straps on both sides, which would’ve been more convenient

PrimeShield Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover

PrimeShield Boat Cover, Waterproof 600D Oxford Marine Grade Trailerable Runabout Boat Covers, Heavy Duty 13/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22 ft fits V-Hull Tri-Hull Pro-Style Bass Boats with Tightening Strap

PrimeShield Boat Cover is made with the best quality 600D Oxford marine grade material that’s built to last for years in difficult weather conditions. You’ll find this cover especially durable because its seams have been double-stitched – something that’s not very common for similar boat covers (even though it should be!).

This winning combination of the durable material and stitching technique help ensure your cover is tear-resistant and doesn’t stretch beyond your required dimensions with continued use.

Additionally, the material is waterproof (it can withstand up to 1000PSI water pressure), has a PU coated layer and a UV-resistant layer.

The cover also helps protect your boat from heat, dust, and extremely cold temperatures (including heavy snowfall). We liked how good the buckle is on the straps with its quick-release feature that ensures the cover fits perfectly.

The cover comes with a storage bag that makes it very convenient to carry around whenever you go out.

Pros of this cover

  • It’s built to last for years
  • It doesn’t tear, shrink or stretch easily
  • The buckles on the straps are well-designed and easy-to-use
  • It can withstand a good amount of water pressure for the price
  • It works especially well against the effects of heat

Cons of this cover

  • The straps haven’t been sewn into the fabric securely
  • The material tends to absorb some moisture

Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover

Classic Accessories StormPro Waterproof Heavy-Duty Deck Boat Cover, Fits boats 22 ft - 24 ft long x 116 in wide

Classic Accessories manufactures this heavy-duty boat cover for both blunt nose boats and deck boats. The 600D cover is meant to last you for years at a stretch, a good investment if you ask us.

It works well for highway travel, too, making it ideal for long cross-country expeditions. The impressive strap system features an integrated, quick release buckle that is very easy-to-use for both beginners and experts alike.

The straps ensure the cover fits perfectly and molds itself to the shape of your vessel.

We’d highly recommend this cover for trailering as well. Also, an unusual feature of this cover is that it includes a cover support pole that prevents water from pooling on the surface. It comes with a convenient little sack storage bag and 5 year warranty period.

Pros of this cover

  • It’s durable and withstands high water pressure
  • The support pole is a unique and welcome addition
  • It comes with a longer warranty period than most boat covers
  • The material is of good quality and tear-resistant
  • It can fit your boat perfectly

Cons of this cover

  • It’s really costly
  • The color fades rather quickly

Omar Heavy Duty Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover

Ogrmar Heavy Duty Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover with 2 Air Vent Marine Grade Polyester Boat Cover Fits V-Hull,Fishing Boat,Tri-Hull, Bass Boats,Pro-Style Cover (20FT-22FT)

Omar’s Heavy Duty Boat Cover is made of marine-grade polyester canvas with 600D PVC waterproof coating, which is very impressive for its retail price. It also has a great air vent design and is completely UV-resistant.

We found that this cover is one of the easiest to install for beginners.

The adjustable straps are ideal for quick release, and installation and use of them can be mastered in the first go itself. It’s also surprisingly easy to store as compared to other products listed above and can even be used for trailering and mooring.

What makes this cover ideal for fishing boats is the addition of two small air vents that aid healthy circulation to your boat. This is definitely a feature we wish more manufacturers picked upon for fishing boat covers.

Furthermore, this cover has an elastic cord sewn along the length of the hem to ensure a tight fit around your boat, a simple yet effective technique.

Pros of this cover

  • It’s very reasonably priced
  • It provides a great, snug fit
  • The air vents are a novel and impressive addition
  • It’s completely UV-resistant
  • It’s very easy to store

Cons of this cover

  • The material could certainly be thicker
  • The sewing is a little on the fragile side

Pyle Armour Shield Waterproof Boat Cover

Pyle Armor Shield Boat Cover, Waterproof Marine Grade 600 Denier Polyester for V-Hull Runabouts Ultimate Durability All Weather Protection Universal Fit 22 Ft. 23 Ft. 24 Ft. 116 in. Width (PCVSPB335)

The Pyle Armour Shield Boat Cover is composed of 600 Denier marine grade material that offers universal protection through all types of weather. Its UV resistant feature is highly effective and is almost second to none.

We found that this cover not only works well against the rain, snow, and heat; it works very well at preventing dust accumulation too.

It also has air vents built into the surface, which facilitates air circulation and enables moisture to escape, thereby preventing mildew and mold from growing in your boat.

This cover has both straps and buckles sewed intricately through its surface, which helps keep it firmly in place even during long-distance travel. Also, there’s an elastic cord sewn into the hem to ensure the cover wraps around your boat tightly.

This purchase includes a free storage bag.

Pros of this cover

  • The fit is one of the best in the market
  • The air vents are a useful feature
  • It protects your boat from UV rays effectively
  • It’s well-suited to long-distance travel
  • It’s perfect for fishing boats

Cons of this cover

  • The water-resistance could be better – it tends to leak in heavy rainfall
  • It’s on the pricier side


GOODSMANN Marine Grade Heavy Duty 300D Jon Boat Covers, Fits 16ft Length, Beam Width to 75'' Boats 9921-0152-23

This boat cover is created using 300D marine grade polyester that’s waterproof and coated with PU. It’s both trailer-able and easily portable owing to the strap handles that have been securely sewn into its surface.

It has been designed with reinforcement panels in the rear and air vents on both sides to prevent moisture from being trapped inside your boat. This, in turn, prevents mildew and other moisture-related concerns from showing themselves on the surface of your vessel.

The air vents also help reduce wind pressure during the trying climate.

We loved the addition of the zipper in this cover, as it makes securing it very easy and an overall quick process. This greatly reduces the risk of water and snow getting in. Be sure to clean this cover with water only as detergent may damage the surface greatly.

Pros of this cover

  • It’s easy to store and transport
  • It has reinforcement panels that allow moisture to escape
  • It has air vents that reduce the effects of wind pressure
  • The strap handles make it easy to carry by hand
  • It has a zipper

Cons of this cover

  • The extra straps tend to hang low off the sides
  • It’s not very well-suited to very hot climates

Budge B-621-X6 Waterproof Boat Cover

Budge B-621-X6 600 Denier Hard/T-Top Boat Cover Gray 20'-22' Long (Beam Width Up to 106") Waterproof, UV Resistant

This boat cover offers protection from excessive dust, sunlight, rain, and snow with its 600 denier marine grade polyester material. The UV resistant feature of this cover is truly impressive as it does a fantastic job of preserving your boat from the effects of direct sunlight and heat.

One of the main concerns you may have with a boat cover is that it tends to rip when you’re towing your boat to the shore. With this model of Budge boat cover, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

The top and bottom strap strengthen the cover and prevent tearing when you bring your boat back to shore.

Also, this material is very light and waterproof that helps prevent any sort of moisture build-up. This effectively prevents mold and rust from infecting the surface of your boat and keeps it looking pristine for years.

We also liked the shock cord hem that’s quite heavy and wraps around the length of your boat easily.

Pros of this cover

  • The material is strong and durable
  • It offers fantastic UV protection
  • It prevents the formation of mold and rust
  • It wraps around your boat tightly and perfectly
  • It doesn’t tear or rip easily

Cons of this cover

  • It’s not built to withstand stormy weather
  • It’s very expensive, which limits its appeal

How To Choose A Boat Cover

Let’s review some factors that you should have a look at before you go ahead and purchase a boat cover:


One of the most important, if not the most important thing to consider before you invest in a boat cover is the material it’s been made with, as this will greatly determine how well it endures in conditions of heavy rain, snow, sunlight, dust, etc.

In each product review, we’ve mentioned which material would be suited to what kind of climate, so please make sure you take a careful look at these.

Heavy materials generally tend to absorb moisture and are not suited to humid climates, and the opposite is true for lightweight materials.

Choosing the right material may end up saving you a lot of money in terms of repainting your boat etc. as the wrong material may just end up causing the formation of rust and mildew.

Warranty Period

This may seem unimportant, but if you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars buying a boat cover, you’d best make sure you’re getting a decent warranty period for your money.

Also, it may be a good idea to check if the company you’re purchasing from has good customer service as you may actually need to get in touch with them more often than you’d think.

Small Features

In the reviews above, we’ve covered a few products that have unique features such as air vents that allow moisture to escape and aid the circulation of air under the cover. These small features can make a big difference when it comes to long-term maintenance of your boat.

Depending on the climate you live in, you’ll need to check out these small features as well. For instance, if you live in an area that attracts heavy rainfall regularly, you should ideally opt for a cover that that has a support pole included so that water doesn’t accumulate on its surface.


So there you have it. All in all, purchasing the right boat cover for your needs can seem trickier than it is. With just a few minutes of research, you’ll be able to make an informed choice that would serve you well in the long term.

Please don’t skip out on this; the negligence could cost you a lot of time and money.

All things considered, it’s not even particularly difficult to choose the right boat cover as most manufacturers give you all the information you need. We’ve summarised most of it, so all you need to do is give it a glance – a small investment of time.

After all, you’ve splashed quite a bit of money on your boat, so it really doesn’t make sense to let it go down the drain for an unsuitable boat cover!


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