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This website centers around fishing, boating, boat care, and generally places a big emphasis on how to have fun while you and your friends/family are on the water. The goal here is to provide fun and dynamic content that people of all ages can read and enjoy.

Whether they are just getting into fishing or are old pro anglers, we want to provide content that is informative and interesting.

Content is updated often, after all, we want to be a place you can turn to for advice on matters related to fishing and boating. Because of this, you should add this page to your bookmarks and make a plan to visit often, because you never quite know what we will come up with next (but it will be worth your time to read it and you will enjoy it!)

Products are tested and reviewed, and then thoughts are transcribed into content that is fun and easy for you to read.

Our reviews are just us talking about things we’ve tried and enjoyed and think you will like, too. You will get our honest thoughts and opinions, which makes it easier for you whether you are looking to buy a product or try out some ideas of your own.

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